Lets be honest we all feel like if we wait, we might get the better deal. WRONG! When shopping for tools, or maybe a new dress waiting can be good. Items sometimes go on sale or a coupon may help you save money, but we’re talking about Real Estate which is highly unpredictable. Its simple things envolving Real Estate is going up, and not a lot of (“coupons” ) or bargin deals are circulating, here is why you should BUY NOW!

  1. INTEREST RATES – are still low for the moment, but we are still looking and noticing an increase in those rates. Do you want to sit around and possibly miss rates this low that you may never see again. Lets be honest are you really saving money if interest rates are at their highest but homes are at their cheapest if that was the case? BUT WE KNOW THATS NOT THE CASE!
  2. INVENTORY… Slow Slow Slow increase. Yes, inventory is increasing but at slow pace; people are sitting and waiting for things they’re looking for to hit the market. That means your not the only one watching that beautiful house possibly waiting for something thats not likely to happen. WHOSE GOING TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE? LET IT BE YOU!
  3. HOME PRICES ARE ON THE RISE! I mentioned before homes being priced at its cheapest is not the case. Home prices are increasing and looks to continue to increase, if you find what you want best bet is to buy now, I mean hey its not like the inevtory is high and it’s a lot of options out there. SO WHY WAIT IF YOU CAN BUY, NOW BUY! 
  4. RENT! RENT! RENT! In most cases renting is simply a poor investment at almost any rent rate, but with rent going up and at an all time high its an even worst investment. Lets see, you live in a home owned by someone else for 2 years or more pay between 1,200 & 1,300 for rent per month. $300,000 home with 20% down would cost you $60,000 for a down payment sound like a lot right; well guess what $1,300 per month for 48 months is $62,400. HEY WE DONT ALL NEED A $300,000 HOUSE!
  5. JOBS/EMPLOYMENT – its not only been an increase in jobs but wages have went up. For the first time in a while wage increases has subsided the cost of living increases; which mean you can afford to live better, better opportunities to purchase a home. YOUR INCOME IS HIGHER AND NOW IS YOUR BEST CHANCE TO QUALIFY FOR A LOAN